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Cosmetic Acupuncture also known as Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a holistic non-surgical, toxin-free therapy that reduces the signs of aging by treating both the face directly and the underlying causes of aging. More than just a cosmetic procedure, it is a revitalization method that makes the whole person look and feel younger. 



With celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston utilizing cosmetic acupuncture to achieve a more youthful glow, this natural and holistic approach to anti-aging has grown tremendously in popularity.


  • Improvement in muscle tone and skin contraction on the face and neck

  • Increase of collagen and elastin production to diminish wrinkles

  • Reduction of sagging of the face and neck

  • Reduction of puffiness

  • Regulation of hormones to treat acne

  • Improvement in facial coloring by increasing blood and lymph movement

  • Diminishing of dark age spots

  • Reduction of stress evident in the face

  • Brightening of the eyes

  • Relaxation of muscle tightness in the face and neck

  • Improvement of other health conditions (insomnia, digestive complaints, low back pain, etc.)

  • Detoxification of the face and body through increased lymphatic drainage

  • Improvement in the underlying causes of aging and illness​


Acupuncture is a therapy that improves the circulation of blood, fluids, and lymph flowing through the face and body. Thin, sterile needles are placed in specific points on the face, ears, and limbs to manipulate nerve, blood and lymph flow. High quality facial oil blends are used and recommended for their therapeutic effect on the signs of aging.

According to Chinese medical theory, inner health is seen in one's outer appearance because health and beauty are inseparable. Correcting internal imbalances is the best way to treat outer signs of aging. Acupuncture, massage, herbs, and nutritional therapy are all a part of Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes the functions of the organs differently from Western medicine. Rather than seeing them as separate body parts with purely physiological functions, Chinese medicine sees them as interconnected systems that affect our physical and emotional health and appearance.

  • The Heart's function is to move blood through the body, promote deep sleep, and maintain the brightness of the eyes. A weak Heart can cause facial swelling and dulling of the eyes. If sleep is affected, dark eye circles and puffiness can result.

  • The Lungs are responsible for the movement of oxygen and fluids in the body. If they are impaired, the skin can lack moisture resulting in wrinkles and dry skin.

  • An imbalance in the Liver can cause stagnation of blood flow in the face leading to dark spots and wrinkles.

  • If the Spleen and Stomach function of regulating the transportation of food and body fluids is impaired, the face will be puffy or sagging.

  • The Kidneys regulate body fluids and store a substance called essence, our basic life energy that maintains health and youth. Insufficient Kidney function can cause eye puffiness, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and thinning hair.

Based on symptoms and observations, a Chinese medicine practitioner can determine the underlying imbalances in organs and pathways that cause aging. Each individual has a unique constitution and imbalance; therefore, each person receives different acupuncture points. For example, a person with a pale, sagging face would be treated different from someone with red, puffy face.​


As early as 1100 BC, Chinese medicine was used to treat skin conditions as well as to prevent illness and aging. One famous text from 770 B.C. describes herbal therapies specific for anti-aging. In 200 AD, various texts discuss acupuncture techniques for facial rejuvenation. As early as 960 AD during the Sung Dynasty, the Empress and the Emperor's concubines used facial rejuvenation techniques to maintain a youthful appearance.


Each person responds differently depending on one's age, overall health, and lifestyle. Most people see noticeable and lasting results after the third treatment. Doing facial self-massage, taking herbal or nutritional supplements, applying facial essential oil blends, and eating a healthy diet will enhance the effect of your treatments.


In 1999, a research study published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture was done using facial acupuncture on 300 people. It revealed that after a series of 12 treatments, 90% of its participants saw results that included better complexion, decreased wrinkles, and general rejuvenation not confined to the face.

After completing the series, results generally last 1-3 years.


You will receive the most effect from Cosmetic Acupuncture if you commit to a series of 10-12 treatments. Two times a week for 3 weeks and then once a week for 6 weeks is optimal. Otherwise, once a week for 10-12 weeks is recommended.


When you are scheduling, make sure that you can receive treatment for 10-12 weeks in a row. Skipping more than one week is not recommended and will require that you begin the entire series again upon your return.


After your series is completed, maintenance treatments are recommended 4 times a year.​


Botox, peels, collagen injections, laser and microderm abrasion focus on symptoms rather than internal imbalances that cause aging. Cosmetic Acupuncture treats the whole person by balancing one's internal organ and nerve pathways to create a more youthful appearance and healthy body. In addition, there are no side effects unlike many Western therapies. 

If you have had cosmetic procedures or surgery (botox, face lifts, injections, peels), it is best to wait 3-4 weeks to receive Cosmetic Acupuncture.


  • heart disorders

  • high blood pressure

  • pituitary disorders

  • diabetes

  • pregnancy

  • acute herpes outbreak

  • acute allergic attack

  • people taking blood thinning medication​


  • The initial treatment: 175 (two hours) 

  • Follow up treatments: 150 (one and a half hours) 


  • On your initial visit, we will review in detail your concerns and health history. All aspects of your health are important to achieving radiate skin including diet, lifestyle, physical and emotional health.

  • True beauty starts from the inside out, so your treatments are customized for your face and overall constitution. Nutrition and herbs may be recommended to optimize your facial results.

  • Initial and follow-up treatments consist of the following:

    • face and body acupuncture 

    • facial jade gua sha massage

    • facial cupping for lymphatic drainage

    • organic Immortelle and Rose facial serum oil and Mist of Immortelle hydrosol by Floracopeia