One of the most common reasons people seek acupuncture is for pain relief. There have been extensive studies done of acupuncture especially for the treatment of back and neck pain, knee pain, and headaches. These studies also show that acupuncture is an effective solution to dealing with the current opioid epidemic associated with pain management.

In Chinese medicine, obstruction of blood and nerve flow to any area of the body will result in pain, disease and malfunction. The obstruction could be due to injury, scar tissue, overuse, structural conditions, or unknown. To achieve overall health, the body must have proper blood, oxygen, and nerve flow to the brain, spine, tissues, and organs.

Medical doctors and physical therapists often refer their patients for acupuncture for all types of musculoskeletal pain. Many of our patients are able to decrease or eliminate their pain medications and some are able to avoid surgery.


The insertion of acupuncture needles into specific points on the body triggers a response from the nervous system. These points are called neural nodes which are groups of nerves that are distributed along the entire nervous system. There are certain areas of the body, namely the wrists and ankles, that have a concentration of these nodes that are useful in acupuncture to decrease pain in a corresponding area of the body. Oftentimes, the pain reducing effects are felt immediately upon insertion of the needles. Acupuncture is a therapy designed to communicate to the brain via the nerves on the body.




  • Stimulating the nerve pathways from the brain and spinal cord to the area of pain

  • Increasing natural pain killers like endorphins in the area of pain which increases the body's pain threshold

  • Increasing blood, nutrients, and oxygen flow to the muscles and tissues to promote healing and increased range of motion

Depending on how severe the pain is, after a few hours or a few days, the nerve signal weakens. Acupuncture is repeated to again to train the brain and the nervous system to respond and heal the area of pain. Acupuncture treatment is recommended at least two times per week for one month.


The body will eventually re-establish the normal functioning of the nervous system with a resulting outcome of a decrease or complete elimination of the pain, enhanced blood flow, and increased range of motion in the area. In addition herbal medicine, nutrition and dietary therapy can also be helpful to reduce inflammation and increase overall vitality.

If you are planning on surgery for any type of pain condition, acupuncture can be a useful therapy for pain management before and after surgery. 


Melanie K. “Thank you! I have not had pain in my hip since my acupuncture treatment, and I have not had to take any pain medication. I also started sleeping through the night for the first time in years!”