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Anna F. “I want to thank you deeply for the help that you have given me over the past year and especially recently. It has been wonderful to have a great acupuncturist to count. I believe you have great talent and skill as a healer, and I’m always excited to introduce friends and acquaintences to your services. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again for all the wonderous healing you have helped me facilitate. It means the world to me.”

Krista J. “I came to Nicole for a shoulder injury that was causing me severe pain that was not responding to physical therapy nor steroid injections. After one acupuncture treatment, my pain went away completely and has not returned.”

Katherine W. “I never had acupuncture before so didn’t know what to expect. Nicole was very kind, gentle and thorough in her questions of me and in explaining what she was doing and why. Her consideration for my unfamiliarity with this modality helped me to relax and enjoy the treatment. I had been having some pretty serious digestive issues, going to the bathroom from 7 to 8 times a day. After just one treatment, I went down to only three times a day! With all the modalities and practitioners I had gone to for help prior to Nicole, there had been no change in my digestive issues. With Nicole's help, gentle hands and techniques, I have had the most dramatic change in my health than in the previous five months.”

Lyle P. “I first encountered Nicole as my teacher at Atlantic University of Chinese Medicine. I saw her to be a knowledgeable and highly trained practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine. When I began to see her as a patient in her private practice,  I discovered that she is a deeply intuitive healer. She meets each person at his/ her comfort level. Nicole’s strength is her ability to be fully present with each person allowing his/her needs to dictate the course of treatment. She is a patient, compassionate guide through the inevitable ups and downs of the healing process. The community is truly privileged to have her practice in their area. Thank you! Nicole.”

Melanie K. “Thank you! I have not had pain in my hip since my acupuncture treatment, and I have not had to take any pain medication. I also started sleeping through the night for the first time in years!”

Jackie S. “I am a single mother with three kids. I came to get acupuncture for stress, fatigue, and for help with a lingering bronchial infection that I had had for three months. After treatment, my cough and congestion cleared up quickly, and I was able to sleep through the night. I also have more energy than I have had in a long time.”

Cindy F. “The treatment you gave me was amazing. I feel much more calm and centered now and was able to have a symptom-free weekend! It helped with my nerves a lot, and I feel more balanced than ever. I am going to try hard to be religious about the diet and have nothing but good things to report when I see you again!”

John J. “Thank you for coming into my life at this time. I feel the more invigorated now than I have felt in years. If I die tonight, I will die a much happier man because of your treatment and sensitivity to me as a whole person.”

Dana W. “I first met Nicole when she taught in an herbal program I was a part of. Her presentation was clear and intriguing, and she shared hands on skills and herbs so that we could experience them first hand. Her comforting presence and obvious knowledge drew me to her practice. I could see from the beginning that she is truly committed to healing. When I arrived to her clinic I was brokenhearted, ungrounded, and physically cold. While I felt good about certain areas of my life, my emotional wounds were manifesting physically and blocking my energy flow. During our sessions, Nicole would listen and refer back to previous concerns or patterns of mine. This thoughtfulness gave me great comfort as I felt I truly had a companion on my healing journey. Nicole answered my many questions to help me understand my body and self at a deeper level. Our sessions were deeply warming to my heart and to my body. When I came to Nicole in winter, I was needing to constantly wear long johns to keep warm. Through our work, I can now experience the seasons more fully now that I don't have to bundle up or avoid cooling foods, since her remedies raised my body temperature within days! During our five months of working together, I healed at many levels. My self-confidence grew as my heart mended, my digestion improved, and I was able to let go of past experiences I'd been holding onto. I know that all who she comes into contact with, especially those who receive her healing work, are in very good hands. Nicole is a kind and thoughtful practitioner with a wise and comforting touch.”

Brandi J. “I want to thank you Nicole for such great acupuncture treatments. Ever since I started seeing you, I’ve felt so much calmer, more emotionally stable, more grounded. It’s amazing, really! Thank you!!”

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